The Insurance Agency Trendsetters Podcast

Episode 002

Jeff and Una Roy: Big Growth in a Small Town

Jan 6, 2020

We caught up with Jeff and Una Roy at the IIANC InsurExpo and chatted about their journey to become a high-growth agency.

#002 – George and Charlotte sit down with superstars Jeff and Una Roy, owners of Excalibur Insurance in Clinton, Ontario, Canada.

In 2011, Jeff and Una Roy were facing stagnant growth and made a decision to take action to change their agency.

Today, their agency is thriving, their staff is happier, and they are enjoying the business more than ever before.

In this interview, Jeff and Una reveal:

  • The first step they took toward transforming their agency
  • How establishing a brand impacted their agency growth
  • Why failure is good
  • What they are doing to reward their staff
  • The key question every agency owner must ask themselves

“Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo.” – Jeff Roy


Hosts & Guests

Charlotte Hicks

George Robertson

Jeff & Una Roy

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