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Episode 004

Mining the Gold in Your Insurance Agency Management System – Episode 004

Jan 21, 2020

 George talks with Raution Jaiswall, CEO of InsuredMine on how to use the data in your agency management system to boost sales.

#004 – Your agency management system is packed with valuable data. In this episode, hear how InsuredMine extracts this data and presents it in a way that helps you leverage the information to make more sales and improve customer value.

George Robertson talks with Raution Jaiswell about how clients can use this technology to resolve questions they have quickly and efficiently.

They discuss:

  •  Two ways you need to look at your data
  • What clients want
  • Ways you can use the data provided by InsuredMine

Discover how easy it is to get started, go to and request a demo!


Hosts & Guests

Charlotte Hicks

George Robertson

Raution Jaiswall

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