The Insurance Agency Trendsetters Podcast

Episode 006

Get to Know Your Host: Charlotte Hicks

Feb 18, 2020

 Meet your podcast host, business growth and marketing expert Charlotte Hicks

#006 – In this episode, you’ll get to know business growth and marketing expert Charlotte Hicks.

 She discusses how the Growth Triad and the Customer Value Journey are critical components of business growth as well as the top three mistakes most agency owners make today that hinder their growth.

 How seaworthy is your marketing?

 The stronger your marketing systems, the more reliable your growth and the more likely you’ll be able to handle any storm that comes your way.

 Does your current marketing system have everything in place to give you predictable, scalable, and efficient growth?

  Take this quick assessment to see if your marketing system is seaworthy enough to handle your most aggressive growth goals. 


Hosts & Guests

Charlotte Hicks

George Robertson

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