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Episode 008

Charlotte Hicks: What Prospects Really Want

Mar 17, 2020

 Discover what prospects really want and what the real problem is when they don’t buy…

#008 – In this episode, discover what prospects really want and what the real problem is when they don’t buy.

The closing ratio across all industries is around 19%. That leads sales people to believe people hate to buy.

The reality is people love to buy – but they hate to be sold.

Instead of a process that extracts value, we need to build one that exchanges value. Then, the client feels like they walked away with as much or more value than they gave you in payment.

The key to achieving this goal is to make sure your sales process follows the same process as a normal human relationship.

In a nutshell, that means, “Don’t be creepy!” Begging for a sale before you’ve built a relationship is creepy.

Instead, follow the Customer Value Journey®. 

 You can download a copy of the Customer Value Journey Worksheet here: 

Hosts & Guests

Charlotte Hicks

George Robertson

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