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Episode 013

Dr. Michelle Osborne — How the Department of Insurance is Using Technology to Serve Companies, Agents, and Consumers

May 26, 2020

Hear how the NC Department of Insurance has been able to continue to serve insurance companies, agents, and consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic and how the department is using technology to accomplish their mission.

#013 – Today’s guest is Dr. Michelle Osborne, Chief Deputy Commissioner of the North Carolina Department of Insurance.

In this interview, Dr. Osborne talks about the technology they’ve used to communicate with staff during the pandemic as well as how they’ve been able to continue the operations of the department while working remotely.

We also discuss the mobile app and how it’s helping agents and consumers get faster service.

Then, we dive into how the DOI has shifted to online continuing education and communication.

You can contact Dr. Michelle Osborne at or 855-408-1212


Hosts & Guests

Charlotte Hicks

George Robertson

Dr. Michelle Osborne

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